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Everyone has seen a news footage and a clip of a suspect in in a crime.  Many times the suspect can hardly be identified.  Poor image quality is from substandard equipment.  Here at Security Unlimited, we believe that all images should be of top quality and is why we install only the best quality equipment available.  We have offer a full line of options custom suited for your home or business.


Indoor and Outdoor
Dome Cameras
With Auto-Iris Lenses


Indoor Camera

With Auto-Iris Lens


Outdoor Camera

With Weatherproof Housing


Discrete Hidden Location Cameras


Internet Protocol (IP)
Addressable Cameras

View Live Video & Audio
Over The Internet From Anywhere


No Maintenance
Digital Video Recorders



DVR Lock Box

  • Tamper resistant lock 
  • Predrilled holes for cables 
  • Blower and power supply included 


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